Denon HEOS enabled AV Receivers In Florida

Denon HEOS enabled AV Receivers
Streaming Music, 4K Ultra HD, HDR, Multi-Zone, Multi-Source, HEOS

I was thrilled to attend the 2017 new product training, with the Denon Marantz Group, a few days ago.  The following comments are my initial impressions.  

  • All 2017 AVR's are enabled with the HEOS Music Streaming App  
  • All AVR's are 4K Ultra HD & HDR compliant
  • All are Dolby Atmos enabled  
  • Free downloadable 2016 AVR Remote App for IOS & Android devices
  • New Audyssey Advanced Room Correction App
  • Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Ethernet Network 
  • Support Lossless HD Music Files including DSD (both formats), FLAC, WAV & ALAC
  • AirPlay
  • Pandora, Spotify, Amazon Music, Tidal, iHeart, Napster & Soundcloud Streaming Services
  • Muli-Source & Multi-Zone playback capabilities; 2 & 3 Zone Models
  • Twin Sub-Woofer Outputs
  • 12 Volt Triggers
  • IR Rear Panel Input and Output

Previously, the HEOS streaming platform was only available via outboard speakers and Link products.  Adding HEOS to the AVR lineup turns the AVR into another HEOS zone.  Any HEOS Zone can behave as an independent music playback zone or all zones can be quickly and easily linked to play a single music stream throughout the entire property in perfect sync with no annoying delays.

Taken all together, the feature set available on this these modern Audio-Video Receivers is simply staggering.

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Best regards,

Mike Moran